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I help sensitive folks address the root cause of stress, insecurity and chronic conditions through Ayurvedic natural medicine, cultivating self-kindness, befriending and releasing stuck emotions.


Or stressed, wiped out and a bit... puffy?


(It's okay, I am here for you.)

Are there times when you are just too tired, frazzled, groggy, bloated or achy to follow your heart's desires, show up for your loved ones and enjoy your life?

Do you have some general ideas of how to reclaim your health - or too many ideas – and aren't sure where to start, what to prioritize, or what will actually help you?

You groan at the thought of:

  • austere diet rules,

  • complicated supplement regimes,

  • medications with side effects,

  • harsh workouts

  • and most of all: Pressure. Defeat. Guilt.

You just want to feel good
Or better yet:
juicy and succulent.

Stressed Woman


We could be a sweet match if:

You LOVE the idea of learning which foods, medicinal herbs, natural remedies and wellness rituals will be the most healing for you. You know this would be an exquisite gift to give yourself.

You want to naturally treat the root cause of any ailments, not just mask the symptoms - even if it may take a little more time and self-love.

You get it that ancient healing tools contain great wisdom that modern science can't explain.

You want to feel energized, calm and 'at home' in your body.

You are ready create a New Normal for yourself. (Or at least ready to be ready.)

>>> Want a closer look? Head over to my Consultation corner to learn about what it is like to work together.



I am Tauna Houghton, a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner. I started NOURISHtopia after working with thousands of clients, perhaps like you, who were suffering because they thought a healthy lifestyle meant perfection and deprivation, which led to cycles of overwhelm, confusion, shame and giving up. Sound too familiar?

When I was 16, gnarly acne motivated me to try everything I could to clear my skin. After many failed attempts, ranging from dermatologists to tears to harsh products, I was blown away to discover that the key was simple whole foods, herbal medicines, natural skin care, and most importantly – self-kindness.

Since then I have personally used Ayurveda to more gracefully navigate periods of grief and loss, hormone changes, travel overseas, climates I don't like, a sensitive nervous system, and a busy schedule. Without Ayurveda, I am pretty sure I would be a hormonal wreck prone to insomnia, constant worry and wild hormonal swings.

I see an urgent need to help more playful souls, like yourself, remember that being healthy must also include joy, soothing our heart and quieting our mind. We need to upgrade our whole lifestyle, not just approach our body as separate organs or at foods under the microscope.

I geek out when it comes to teasing apart your complex and chronic symptoms to connect the dots and address the root cause of your symptoms. This is drastically different for each person, even if they all have the same 'disease' or 'condition'. Sometimes this can be a quick fix, or it may require a gentle step by step approach to heal each layer in your mental, emotional and physical body. For example, we can increase your ability to digest gluten again only after we get your bile flowing. Or perhaps the main cause of belly bloating is the stressed and rushed lunches you gulp down (who, me?).

I have seen over and over again that the fastest way to healing is to relax, nourish our senses and align with nature's remedies and rhythms. I believe that natural tools and a kind approach can be deeply healing.

Back in 2007 I studied  Ayurveda in southern India at the Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat Hopsital. A few months later, I joined Dr. John Douillard's LifeSpa in Boulder, Colorado where I have helped over 10,000 clients by recommending herbal medicines, Ayurvedic wellness tools, and detox plans.

>>> If you would like to learn more about me, hop on over to my about page.


My desire is for you to:

Wake up bright, stay energized all day, digest like a super hero/ine and sleep like a sweet dream. 


Be able to (safely) re-introduce foods you are currently intolerant to, wean off unnecessary medications and supplements, navigate the latest food and fitness fads, and stay balanced.


Naturally crave stuff that is good for you. And easily stop devouring too much of what makes you feel worse later on (I am looking at you, Cookies, Tator Tots and Staring at Screens While Scrolling and Scrolling...) 


Make choices about your health based on LOVE, rather than fear.


Wake up your own Inner Healer so you can listen to nature's whisperings and your own body's deep knowing. This will bring your great freedom and security.

Natural Herbs

​How NOURISHtopia

Can Guide You:

  • One-on-One Ayurvedic consultations

  • 3-6 Month Private Packages

  • Online Group Journey – Transform Stress into Tranquility

  • Free knowledge

  • Free ebook (coming soon)



care deeply about others – including yourself

have dreams to pursue and heart's desires to fulfill

smile often and can find humor in the mundane - even in sticky or stucky situations

are enchanted by moonlight, the healing power of herbs, homemade treats and the beauty of nature.

crave more peace, joy and creativity.

Natural Medicine


Say hello. I would love to meet you!

Boulder, CO, USA

+1 (970) 541-4468

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